Moving the Beloved Honorary Member of Your Family to Hong Kong

We know that the prospect of moving to a new city without your loved pet is a dreary thought and something you just cannot fathom. However, like the problems you face while shifting cities, your pets too will have to make adjustments to these changes. Apart from the hefty cost related issues, there are a variety of factors involved in moving your petsto Hong Kong that you should consider before making the decision.

Cat Allergies: How to Clean and Prevent Mould

As human beings, animals are also often predisposed to certain types of allergies. If you have ever possessed a pet at home you are more than familiar  with the fact that allergies are commonly observed. There are different types of allergies, some of them caused by food and other caused by insects. However, there is onе very typical allergy, that is developed predominantly in cats and this is the inhalant allergy. It can be caused by different allergens in the environment like dust mites and pollens but there is one particular allergen that causes allergies in cats more than usual – mould. 

Watch your Dog Grin with Good Oral Health!

Smile! Here’s how to take care of the oral health of your dog. As a pet owner, you are obviously worried about any bad odors, rotting of teeth, bleeding gums and other issues linked with your dog’s dental setup. Read on for simple but valuable tips on how to provide your pet with good oral care—the affordable and easy way.

Vaccinating Your Dog before Leaving It at a Pet Boarding Facility

 Despite feeling guilty, people often have to leave their pets at local pet boarding facilities. An individual must compare the local dog boarding facilities to ensure that he is leaving his pet in a comfortable, healthy and stress-free environment. At the same time, he also needs to consider the pet's routine health care program before its boarding.
You must remember that the pet boarders often place dogs belonging to different households in close proximity. So there are always chances of the infections passing on. The reputable dog boarders even ask the owner to submit proof of basic vaccinations before boarding the dog. So you must provide the required vaccination to the pet while preparing it for boarding.
Natural Dog Grooming with Home-Made Shampoo

Natural Dog Grooming with Home-Made Shampoo

Dogs are probably the most widespread animals we keep as pets and let them be a part of the family. A great number of dog owners admit that they couldn't imagine getting back home and not being welcomed by their lovely fur friend. Taking your dog for a walk in the park or at the beach is the easier and funnier part of having a pet but there are some things you shouldn't overlook. Even if you regard your dog as a member of the family and find yourself being too lenient despite all the troubles they give you, you should keep the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene in order to ensure the healthy environment at home. Cleaning after your pet is also really important and if you don't have time for that  booking a  cleaning package abbey wood is a really good option.

Cats Talk: Why Are They Always Cleaning Themselves?

Cats are lovable creatures, which are among the most common animals we keep as pets. Their behaviour and habits have been subject to a great number of surveys and experiments all of which concluded that cats nature is complicated and really difficult to understand. You can hardly find anyone who haven't noticed their hygiene habits and their persistence in keeping themselves clean.  A couple of suggestions that explain these actions have been put forward and here are some of the most sensible ones.
All the body parts should be paid attention to during the cleaning ritual. Cats tongue has the  specific feature to serve like a comb and catch fur, dead skin and different types of bacteria, which have to be digested and dissolved by an acid in the stomach.

Importance of Dog medication – Their Care and Well Being

We often say that ‘dog is man’s best friend’ and we all know how true it is. But, can you say for sure when your pet dog is in pain? Or for that matter your cat? When it comes to pain, animals are stoic by nature. Their basic instinct is to hide pain or even infirmity. This nature of animals exist because in the wild if one animal expresses that he is infirm or not well, other animals will start attacking that animal. But that does not mean that your pet dog and cat does feel pain or is not subjected to pain. So if you have a pet dog or cat at home then you should know the importance of pain medication for animals.

Fact or Fiction? Get To Know the 5 Biggest Mosquito Myths

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With those itchy and red marks, and due to the fear of malaria, we often tend to forget that mosquitoes are a special wondrous creation of nature, and for that matter we don’t really need to be terrorized by them. Among more than 3,000 species, those are known till date, only 80 bite people, actually. What we need to know is it just takes five days to grow from eggs to adult and they begin to mate only minutes after hatching. What is more interesting, they possess in their stinging mouthparts, some of the coolest appendages in the entire animal kingdom.

How Can I Learn Dog Grooming at the Comfort of My Home?

Grooming of your dog is very important part of pet ownership. In order to take proper care of his hygiene, you should learn basics. You can learn more new skills in dog grooming at the comfort of your home from the web. You should experiment these skills on your own dog to become an ideal dog groomer.
If you are thinking to send him at dog home stay service for grooming, make sure that they will send him back with better looks than today. Many people are wondering why they can’t just do dog grooming at their home. It is possible but you need proper practice and studies to save more in long run. 

How to clean a fish tank

Cleaning your fish tank regularly helps to keep your fish healthy and happy. It’s an easier job if you do it frequently so there’s less build-up of dirt and algae. This guide explains how to clean a freshwater fish tank.


Assuming your fish tank has a filter (which it should), you will never need to change all the water entirely, or remove the fish. Your fish tank will adjust to the exact environment that your fish need to live in, and by replacing all of the water you will change that careful balance, upsetting both the pH and temperature which can shock and ultimately kill your fish.

5 Ridiculous Animal Myths You Just knew were True

Myths are myths and facts are ... myths as well, sometimes! There are some 'facts' about animals that are being told by someone to someone else in some part of the world at this very moment which are downright ridiculous and a load of you know what. It's probably time we busted some of them, so here goes.

Some Issues of Pets After Life Care

Every person, who has a cat at home, sooner or later goes through a very sad period. Animal gets old and sick, and then inevitably dies. Not everyone can survive the death of a cat easily! Of course, there is no universal recipe on how to survive, but special traditions and tips on what to do if the cat is dead, and you cannot accept the loss have emerged over the centuries.

Take Special Care Of Your Cat’s Hygiene

Most people care about their hygiene but not pets especially cats. Cat hygienic issues are just easy and cheap to be solved. However, prevention is the best remedy and with effective grooming many cat complaints such as worms and fleas can be eliminated. Glooming actually plays a very important role in making cats peaceful and good looking. Cats spend much of their time making themselves clean. As much as they do this great job, they still need our assistance.

What all to look for when choosing an animal hospital?

Your pet animal is now a member of your family so you need to ensure that it’s treated well and in case it falls ill then you take it to a reliable animal hospital. Here is what all you need to look for when go looking for such places.
Your pet animal needs care and affection and when in need the services of a professional and dependable animal hospital. However looking for a good hospital can become a challenge. Pets can be compared to any family member since they also require quality medical attention and treatment to be able to recover from illness or injury. Pet owners who seek the services of a professional animal hospital should be aware of what they need and if their animal can be taken good care if they are not around. Here are a few steps and guidelines that can help you choose the right medical center:

5 Sneaky Ways Your Pet Cat Is Telling You They Love You

5 Sneaky Ways Your Pet Cat Is Telling You They Love You

A lot of people say dogs are more loving than cats, but maybe they don't know how to tell when a cat is displaying affection towards them. If you already have a cat I'm sure you know when they're trying to say they love you, but we'll look at a few examples and you can see if you've noticed them all before.

Your Dog Needs Premium Food on the Menu

Choosing the right grub for your dog can prove to be a daunting affair - especially you find yourself getting baffled by the “premium” and not so ”branded” products-lining the racks of hobby stores and pet shops alike. You will probably wonder; what does “premium” food have to do with my pet’s health? Well, read on for more inputs into why choosing the right food is important.

Planning Your Dog's Birthday? Consider These Great Gift Ideas!

With their cheerful, loyal demeanour, it’s no surprise that the humble dog is often considered part of the family. Because of this, you might be wondering how to celebrate your favourite pooch’s birthday in the future. Fortunately, you’re on the right site as we’ve got a whole lot of excellent gift ideas for you! Although your dog won’t know it’s his or her birthday, at the very least you can make their day extra special with any of the following presents.

Doggy Day Care

If your pooch is a social animal, they’ll love the thrill of getting together with a whole lot of other dogs in a fun-filled, playtime atmosphere. Find out if there’s a doggy day care centre located nearby and see if you can send your pet there for a short time. In fact, the best canine day care centres have pools and forests where your dog can make some new friends in a supervised environment. In this way, they can have fun with a whole crowd of new doggy pals in a setting where you are sure they’re safe.

Homemade Treats

If you’d like a more hands-on gift, why not head to your kitchen and whip up a tray or two of treats your dog will love? These are actually not too difficult to create with the right ingredients and an oven. Some popular recipes include:

·        Cinnamon Bites
·        Peanut & Banana Biscuits
·        Blueberry & Apple Donuts
·        Canine Trail Mix
·        Frozen Peanut Butter Yoghurt

Just do a quick google search to find a suitable recipe. Also remember to double check which foods are safe for dogs to eat and which ones aren’t so you don’t poison your dog inadvertently on their special day.

A Comfy Bed

There’s nothing like a comfortable place to sleep after a long day. Your pooch pal is no different, leading us to yet another great gift suggestion for their birthday: go out and shop for luxury dog beds that are made from the finest materials. In this way, your canine companion can rest easy in their own personal space whenever they want to. So throw out that shoddy old dog basket and find something more elegant that suits your pet’s size, strength and personality today!

Canine Clothes

If you’re a fan of fashion, you can also purchase a snazzy set of outfits for your pooch. Whether you buy a small jacket for the wintertime or a complete costume for Halloween, you can purchase a range of doggy clothing both online and in your local pet shop. Some excellent outfit ideas include:

·        T-shirts
·        Tank tops
·        Dresses
·        Swimwear
·        Suits
·        Scarves

Almost anything a human wears can be purchased in miniature for your dog. While shopping, choose canine clothes that reflect the personality of your pooch. Also opt for materials which will withstand their level of activity as you don’t want the outfit to be ruined within minutes!

Doggy Birthday Cake

Our last suggestion is to go out and purchase a cake for your canine companion. It is their birthday after all! The good news is that you can find birthday cakes especially made for dogs. All ingredients will be chosen especially for your favourite pooch ensuring they’ll thoroughly enjoy it without eating any risky foodstuffs. Even the candles can be edible, made from dog treats, bacon strips or just about anything else dogs love. Turn the moment into a truly special occasion!

You should now have plenty to consider when it comes to celebrating your dog’s birthday in style. Congratulations to your pooch and we hope our suggestions allow you to have an absolutely amazing day together!

Author Bio:

Emma Weigall is a writer for Scruffs in the UK, one of the leading providers of quality pet accessories. They offer a large selection of dog beds, cat activity centres, feeding bowls, grooming brushes and collars.

3 Tips for Bathing Your Pup

For centuries, dogs have lived alongside humans, helping us hunt and live. They have become our eternal companions with a surprising depth in emotion and behavior. However, for centuries, we have had to deal with our canine companions’ less endearing qualities—smelliness, to name one. It’s natural, it happens, and as owners of dogs, you are responsible for keeping your dog clean and healthy. Let’s take a look at some basic grooming tips for maintaining your dog’s hygiene.

Clean Up After Pets To Avoid Health Dangers

Pets are a real joy but things look a bit more differently when it comes to cleaning. Animals do make mess and do need to be taken good care of and cleaned after. It's important to clean up after your pet in order to avoid health problems in your whole family and especially your children. Each type of pet keeps the risk of different viruses that can affect people. However, there are certain things that have to be considered in general to avoid the risk of health problems. Here are some tips on how to clean up after your pet in order to prevent your family from unpleasant health issues.

The Pros and Cons of Insuring Your Pet

If you are a pet owner, you know how expensive veterinary costs can be, especially if your furry companion becomes ill or injured. So, is it worth having pet insurance? Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of insuring your pet.

What You Need To Groom Your Pets Without Hiring A Pro?

Pets are companion of man in bad or good times. You have to take care of them and raise them like your own kids. The grooming of pets is very essential to keep them close to you and to make them more faithful for you. Their proper grooming will keep them healthy and they won’t become a headache for you. Most of the people spend a lot of money on pets grooming. They just rely on the groomer and do not take part in the process of grooming of their own pet. Complete reliance on the groomer may costs you much. You should know some basic steps and techniques of pets grooming. This way you will be able to groom your pet at home without spending too much. I am here to tell you some tips which ware worth practicing.
Miniature GoldenDoodle Puppies

Miniature GoldenDoodle Puppies

Miniature Goldendoodles are not purebred dogs, but rather a mix of two different breeds, as the name suggests. The Golden Retriever has been cross bred with the toy or miniature version of the standard poodle and while much of this is done by artificial insemination, it does not guarantee the dog will be smaller in stature, despite the name. In some cases, these Miniature Goldendoodles will be medium-sized dogs that are about the same size as a small Golden Retriever. Below is more information about Miniature Goldendoodle puppies for owners or prospective owners of this unique and intelligent breed of dog.
The American Bully Breed: Lovable Brutes

The American Bully Breed: Lovable Brutes

The American Bully is a powerfully built dog with wide shoulders and a bulging muscle structure, stout bodies and a squat stature. They can weigh upwards of 100 pounds with males ideally males standing from between 17'' to 20'' and females 16'' to 19'' in height.
A Bully with good confirmation is qualified as having a broad, triangular head with small ears that are either at a half prick, have a rose bud or are cropped. American Bullies have short, fine hair that can be almost any color or pattern. The only color that is a disqualifier is merle as are eyes of two different colors. At rest, the tail should trail off the croup of the Bully in a pump handle shape.