Clean Up After Pets To Avoid Health Dangers

Pets are a real joy but things look a bit more differently when it comes to cleaning. Animals do make mess and do need to be taken good care of and cleaned after. It's important to clean up after your pet in order to avoid health problems in your whole family and especially your children. Each type of pet keeps the risk of different viruses that can affect people. However, there are certain things that have to be considered in general to avoid the risk of health problems. Here are some tips on how to clean up after your pet in order to prevent your family from unpleasant health issues.

Pet Hygiene

It's essential to take really good care of your pet's hygiene. In case you have a dog, make sure you always wash its paws after walking it outside. Otherwise all the dirt will spread in your house and may result in a member of your family having health problems. Also, regularly bathe your dog, brush its teeth and take it to the veterinarian for a health check once every few months.

Less Mess

The cleaner your pet is, the cleaner your whole house will be. When you bathe your pet regularly, you'll minimize not only dirt in your home but also pet hair, bad smell and health issues.

Remove Hair

Pet hair all over the house is one of the most disturbing facts about having an animal at home. Hairs are basically everywhere, creating a very unpleasant mess. Regularly remove pet hair from furniture, carpets and floor. You may use a pet rake to remove hair from fabrics. In case you have trouble cleaning your furniture, you might have to consider buying a special vacuum machine that can easily remove pet hair. It can be a bit expensive but in case you are concerned about your health, it can perfectly do the job and make this unpleasant process extremely easy. Also, there are special sponges which can be used dry to remove pet hair. They are great to use on spots that are hard to access. You can damp the sponge a bit if you're sure that it won't harm the fabric of your furniture.

Urine Stains

Pets leave urine stains sometimes, especially when they're very young. To remove such stains from floors, clean with a damp cloth and an acid solution, which you can make by mixing water with white vinegar. In case your pet stains the carpet, use a soft brush and a strong disinfectant dissolved in water. However, sometimes even if you don't feel the smell anymore, dogs still do and will most probably return to the spot. To avoid new stains at the same place, you can use a special pet bacterial digester. Make sure you use enough of it so that it penetrates the carpet. Digester products are effective but they work pretty slowly, therefore you must leave the solution work as long as it's written on the label. Cover the spot where the solution is so that your pet doesn't have access to it. You can use the same method in case your pet vomits on the carpet.

In order to live safely with your pet and to avoid any kind of health problems, make sure you clean up well after your pet. Use our tips to effectively sanitise your home and prevent your family from risks.

Author Bio: July Minor loves to write about cleaning. She has a dog and knows  a lot about animals. Thanks to her job at Southward cleaning solutions she can give you useful advices about hygiene.