What You Need To Groom Your Pets Without Hiring A Pro?

Pets are companion of man in bad or good times. You have to take care of them and raise them like your own kids. The grooming of pets is very essential to keep them close to you and to make them more faithful for you. Their proper grooming will keep them healthy and they won’t become a headache for you. Most of the people spend a lot of money on pets grooming. They just rely on the groomer and do not take part in the process of grooming of their own pet. Complete reliance on the groomer may costs you much. You should know some basic steps and techniques of pets grooming. This way you will be able to groom your pet at home without spending too much. I am here to tell you some tips which ware worth practicing.

Select the right tools of grooming for your pet:
It is very essential to select right tools for the grooming. Without the proper tools you cannot handle the pet and it may result in some injuries to your pet. The essentials and right tools for the pet grooming are

Brush and comb; have a good quality brush and comb for your pet. The edges of brush should not be so hard but they should be able to remove the mats and a tangle from pet’s fur.

Grooming scissors; scissors help in grooming very much. Go for a curved scissor to trim the hair, eyebrows and trimming along the undercoat. Do not buy a dull scissor. It will exacerbate the grooming process.

Thinning shears; the thinning shears as the name indicates are the instruments used to thin the hair layer and settled the chopped-off look created by grooming scissors. They also help in giving the style and shape to pet’s hair.

Electric trimming shears; the electric trimmers are easily available and must have tool for the grooming. They are fantastic for short hair cuts for the pets having short fur on their body. If you want to use them on long hairs, first start with the thinning shears and then use the electric trimming shears.

Tweezers and nail clippers; the tweezers are used to remove the hair from the ears of your pet. Removing the hair from ears will keep them away from dirt and prevent infection. The nail clippers are must have tool for the dogs as well as cats. Plier style nail clippers are mostly recommended for the small dogs but they are equally good for big ones. Always buy a sharp clipper otherwise it would be difficult to cut the nails properly. Make sure that you do not cut the nails too short. The too short nails will become dangerous and in case of any minor hitting the bleeding is inevitable.
After buying theses essential tools go for grooming step by step. The following are some essential steps for your pet’s grooming.


Brush your pet regularly. The brushing will remove all the dust and tangles from the fur. It will smooth the fur making it look lovely.


After brushing take your pet for a bath. Wash it with shampoos and liquids made for them. Avoid the contact of shampoo with the eyes.

Nail clipping:

After bathing take your pet for the nail clipping. Take your pet in the sun, foreplay with him and then grab him to clip his nails.

These are the essential things and steps necessary for grooming of your pet. Follow these and keep your pets healthy and well groomed. When you pet is neat, clean and healthy you will love playing with him. Show your love for your pet by printing photos on canvas of your pet on your wall. It will be an awesome love expression.