5 Sneaky Ways Your Pet Cat Is Telling You They Love You

A lot of people say dogs are more loving than cats, but maybe they don't know how to tell when a cat is displaying affection towards them. If you already have a cat I'm sure you know when they're trying to say they love you, but we'll look at a few examples and you can see if you've noticed them all before.

You'll get licked a lot

If you pay attention to a mother cat who has just had lots of kittens you'll notice she licks them from the moment they are born. The kittens will obviously associate licking with love and it's an easy way for their mother to care for them. The kittens will even start licking their brothers and sisters when they're still small. Once they are old enough they'll end up in different homes but the kittens will never forget what their mother did for them, so if your cat licks you it's because they love you.

Rubbing their scent on you

Some people want everyone to know their partner belongs to them. When they're walking down the street they will stand close to them and they'll stare at anyone who dares look in their general direction. It's a little creepy when humans do it, but it's cute when cats do it. If your cat keeps rubbing up against you it's trying to cover you with its scent. This will let everyone know you belong to them and they do it because they love you.

They will bite you

Luckily a domestic cat doesn't have a sore bite unlike a lion or a tiger. When they want to display affection they might give you a little bite. It will only feel like a quick nip, but in some cases it can be painful. Your cat isn't trying to hurt you no matter what you might think. You have to realize a cat's skin is a lot tougher than ours, so when they bite each other they won't feel any pain. Just realize they love you and they're not trying to rip your head or hand off.

Peeing on your bed

Don't go crazy at your cat if he urinates on your bed. Did you know male cats mark their territory by peeing on something? They want to claim you as their own, but they don't realize you'll be disgusted and you'll have to wash your sheets. Your cat might also back up towards you with their tail in the air like they're about to pee on your leg. There is no need to jump away because they won't actually do it, but they might sometimes perform the action so it looks like they're going to unleash.

Blinking at you

This is a cool trick you need to watch out for and you can do the same thing to your cat if you want to tell them you love them too. Watch for them staring at you and blinking. Their eyes will open up wide and they'll blink at you again except this time they will close their eyes very slowly. This is the same as you giving one of your children a kiss. If you've not noticed it yet you can start doing it in front of your cat and they'll start doing it back to you.

Cats can love you too

Cat and dog lovers can get into some good arguments about which animal makes for a better pet. At the end of the day they're both lovable creatures and they can both be your best friend. Now you should be able to
tell whenever your cat is showing their love towards you every day.

Shane Thomas, the author of this article, is an employee at Pond Point Animal Hospital, renowned veterinary care in CT. Shane volunteers at the local homeless shelter on weekends.