Planning Your Dog's Birthday? Consider These Great Gift Ideas!

With their cheerful, loyal demeanour, it’s no surprise that the humble dog is often considered part of the family. Because of this, you might be wondering how to celebrate your favourite pooch’s birthday in the future. Fortunately, you’re on the right site as we’ve got a whole lot of excellent gift ideas for you! Although your dog won’t know it’s his or her birthday, at the very least you can make their day extra special with any of the following presents.

Doggy Day Care

If your pooch is a social animal, they’ll love the thrill of getting together with a whole lot of other dogs in a fun-filled, playtime atmosphere. Find out if there’s a doggy day care centre located nearby and see if you can send your pet there for a short time. In fact, the best canine day care centres have pools and forests where your dog can make some new friends in a supervised environment. In this way, they can have fun with a whole crowd of new doggy pals in a setting where you are sure they’re safe.

Homemade Treats

If you’d like a more hands-on gift, why not head to your kitchen and whip up a tray or two of treats your dog will love? These are actually not too difficult to create with the right ingredients and an oven. Some popular recipes include:

·        Cinnamon Bites
·        Peanut & Banana Biscuits
·        Blueberry & Apple Donuts
·        Canine Trail Mix
·        Frozen Peanut Butter Yoghurt

Just do a quick google search to find a suitable recipe. Also remember to double check which foods are safe for dogs to eat and which ones aren’t so you don’t poison your dog inadvertently on their special day.

A Comfy Bed

There’s nothing like a comfortable place to sleep after a long day. Your pooch pal is no different, leading us to yet another great gift suggestion for their birthday: go out and shop for luxury dog beds that are made from the finest materials. In this way, your canine companion can rest easy in their own personal space whenever they want to. So throw out that shoddy old dog basket and find something more elegant that suits your pet’s size, strength and personality today!

Canine Clothes

If you’re a fan of fashion, you can also purchase a snazzy set of outfits for your pooch. Whether you buy a small jacket for the wintertime or a complete costume for Halloween, you can purchase a range of doggy clothing both online and in your local pet shop. Some excellent outfit ideas include:

·        T-shirts
·        Tank tops
·        Dresses
·        Swimwear
·        Suits
·        Scarves

Almost anything a human wears can be purchased in miniature for your dog. While shopping, choose canine clothes that reflect the personality of your pooch. Also opt for materials which will withstand their level of activity as you don’t want the outfit to be ruined within minutes!

Doggy Birthday Cake

Our last suggestion is to go out and purchase a cake for your canine companion. It is their birthday after all! The good news is that you can find birthday cakes especially made for dogs. All ingredients will be chosen especially for your favourite pooch ensuring they’ll thoroughly enjoy it without eating any risky foodstuffs. Even the candles can be edible, made from dog treats, bacon strips or just about anything else dogs love. Turn the moment into a truly special occasion!

You should now have plenty to consider when it comes to celebrating your dog’s birthday in style. Congratulations to your pooch and we hope our suggestions allow you to have an absolutely amazing day together!

Author Bio:

Emma Weigall is a writer for Scruffs in the UK, one of the leading providers of quality pet accessories. They offer a large selection of dog beds, cat activity centres, feeding bowls, grooming brushes and collars.