Some Issues of Pets After Life Care

Every person, who has a cat at home, sooner or later goes through a very sad period. Animal gets old and sick, and then inevitably dies. Not everyone can survive the death of a cat easily! Of course, there is no universal recipe on how to survive, but special traditions and tips on what to do if the cat is dead, and you cannot accept the loss have emerged over the centuries.

Of course, if such situation happens to you, you will find your own way, but still there is a necessity to get prepared for it. The first step is to learn how to notice the signs of death. If the animal was ill it is easy to recognize imminent going away – a cat weakens, stops eating, hardly rises from his seat and, increasingly, sleeps or just lies with its eyes open. Along with these signs you can see that it has waning breathing and a bit disturbing behavior. Usually sick cat comes to the owner for petting and then leaves. Cats die extremely rare in the hands of the owner, they prefer to hide somewhere.

If your cat has gone you have to take some important steps to provide proper after life care. Your first step is to bury four-legged friend, and it must be done in a suitable place. Causes, which led to cats’ death, may be different - it could be a disease, a depression or an accident, but in any case, you have to bury a pet with the same dignity. Be sure to find a special pet cemetery and veterinary clinics providing individual cremation services. Why is it so important to cremate and burry pets in special cemeteries?

The easiest and the most reliable option to commemorate your pet is to turn to services of veterinary clinic and its staff will take away the body for further cremation. Pet cremation is the only right decision to part with your pet after death. Be sure that after life care professionals will cremate and bury your friend your properly. Besides, you can order additional services like presence on cremation ceremony, video report about cremation, special custom made urns for ashes and shipping them to your location.

Private cremation of pets (cats, dogs and others) is one of the most modern and best solutions to the problem permitted by law, which is connected with the euthanasia of animals. The loss of a loved animal is sorrowful and very traumatic event for any pet owner. But really noble farewell with your friend gives an opportunity to relieve the pain of bereavement and save sweet memories forever in your heart. Many clinics cremate pets in their own furnaces. The presence of the owner is allowed.

Individual cremation includes burning of pets’ corpses in a special modern and separate chamber (crematoria). This procedure lasts several hours at high temperatures. Then pet owner takes ashes away in an urn, which is chosen individually. Urn, which is designed to preserve the ashes of the pet can be buried on a pets’ cemetery or leaved at home. Ashes do not carry biological impurities after heat treatment in crematory. You should remember that it is illegal to bury remains of a dog or a cat in other places.

Danny Rosa in association with Bobby Dunlap from vipsitters explain the expedience to cremate and bury pets.