Your Dog Needs Premium Food on the Menu

Choosing the right grub for your dog can prove to be a daunting affair - especially you find yourself getting baffled by the “premium” and not so ”branded” products-lining the racks of hobby stores and pet shops alike. You will probably wonder; what does “premium” food have to do with my pet’s health? Well, read on for more inputs into why choosing the right food is important.

Why “Premium”?

Knowing the right sources of nutrients and finding the products that contain the same is not as easy as it seems at the very outset. While most products boast of specific percentages of nutrients, they may not be fully equipped to take care of all the requirements of your pets. Dog foods often differ in their formulations, quality of ingredients and overall nutritional value. The ones marked “premium” typically boast of higher standards and add more value to the meals of your pets.

Why is “Premium” food better?

Most pet owners would know that the nutritional needs of their dogs and cats are based on the activity level, age, temperament, physical makeup and environment. Here, you should make a careful analysis of the specific requirements of your pet (as per its breed and environment) and choose “premium “products that are specially manufactured to take care of their immediate nutritional requirements. If you are still confused about brand that should make it to your shopping list, contact your vet - he will prove to be your best friend in need. 
Premium dog products are better sources of proteins, contain no artificial dyes and have additional quantities of vitamins and antioxidants. It’s obvious, better ingredients lead to better pet health and alleviate all concerns of digestibility and other metabolic issues - the right way. Moreover, a premium dog food product helps you save too - as the quantity of food required to provide the same level of nutrition (as that provided by low quality food) is much less. These products are also tastier - thus reducing the quantity of wastage.

Dog foods - what to look for?

When you go through the analysis of nutrients mentioned on the backside of their package, you will find that quality dog foods have the appropriate levels of fiber, protein and fat in them. Just make sure that the bulk of protein content is not derived from plant sources but from poultry and meaty sources. Most commonly found pet food items are cheaper than their “premium” counterparts and have a high percentage of wheat, gluten, corn, soy, bone meal and meat as their sources of protein. In a nutshell, look for quality proteins, natural preservatives like vitamin E or oil of rosemary, the right antioxidants and so forth.

Choosing the best food for your dog

Choosing the best food for your dog  is more important than you think. It makes your pet healthy and jovial and keeps any health and malnutrition issues at bay. Affordable, of good quality and available in your local stores with ease, these “premium“ products are your right choice - just go for them.