Cats Talk: Why Are They Always Cleaning Themselves?

Cats are lovable creatures, which are among the most common animals we keep as pets. Their behaviour and habits have been subject to a great number of surveys and experiments all of which concluded that cats nature is complicated and really difficult to understand. You can hardly find anyone who haven't noticed their hygiene habits and their persistence in keeping themselves clean.  A couple of suggestions that explain these actions have been put forward and here are some of the most sensible ones.
All the body parts should be paid attention to during the cleaning ritual. Cats tongue has the  specific feature to serve like a comb and catch fur, dead skin and different types of bacteria, which have to be digested and dissolved by an acid in the stomach.

Importance of Dog medication – Their Care and Well Being

We often say that ‘dog is man’s best friend’ and we all know how true it is. But, can you say for sure when your pet dog is in pain? Or for that matter your cat? When it comes to pain, animals are stoic by nature. Their basic instinct is to hide pain or even infirmity. This nature of animals exist because in the wild if one animal expresses that he is infirm or not well, other animals will start attacking that animal. But that does not mean that your pet dog and cat does feel pain or is not subjected to pain. So if you have a pet dog or cat at home then you should know the importance of pain medication for animals.

Fact or Fiction? Get To Know the 5 Biggest Mosquito Myths

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With those itchy and red marks, and due to the fear of malaria, we often tend to forget that mosquitoes are a special wondrous creation of nature, and for that matter we don’t really need to be terrorized by them. Among more than 3,000 species, those are known till date, only 80 bite people, actually. What we need to know is it just takes five days to grow from eggs to adult and they begin to mate only minutes after hatching. What is more interesting, they possess in their stinging mouthparts, some of the coolest appendages in the entire animal kingdom.