Cats Talk: Why Are They Always Cleaning Themselves?

Cats are lovable creatures, which are among the most common animals we keep as pets. Their behaviour and habits have been subject to a great number of surveys and experiments all of which concluded that cats nature is complicated and really difficult to understand. You can hardly find anyone who haven't noticed their hygiene habits and their persistence in keeping themselves clean.  A couple of suggestions that explain these actions have been put forward and here are some of the most sensible ones.
All the body parts should be paid attention to during the cleaning ritual. Cats tongue has the  specific feature to serve like a comb and catch fur, dead skin and different types of bacteria, which have to be digested and dissolved by an acid in the stomach.

·  Apart from the purely hygiene aspect, cats clean themselves in order to regulate their body temperature. A well groomed coat looks nice and shiny and would protect them from the freezing temperatures during the winter and what's more – cats' saliva is thought to have antibacterial properties.
·         It is a well known fact that cats wickers help them keep balance and serve as “visual sensors” which send signals to their brain in case of change in the surrounding circumstances. The skin and the fur, in particular, do kind of the same thing. Grooming help cats get accustomed to the changes in the environment and “reset” their sensors to warm or cold weather.
·         Cats can clean each other as a sign of affection, companionship and love. A cat takes care of the newborn babies by cleaning them from the dirt and teaching them to groom themselves.
·         Although nowadays they are predominantly kept as domestic animals, cats are predators by nature. Cleaning themselves means removing smell or any other signs that can give their enemies or victims a clue that they are around.
·         It is extremely important for cats to have their nails sharp and proper grooming makes them well maintained.
·         You can make your cat feel more comfortable and what is more important – safe – in your home by maintaining the litter box clean.
·         It is absolutely normal if your little kitty starts grooming when he is scared or embarrassed. That's a way of calming himself down and isolate himself from the threatening factor and reduce his anxiety. The anxiety and stress might be caused by separation, bringing another animal to the house, the season changes and so on. In other words, pay attention to your furry friend if the grooming becomes excessive or he doesn't groom himself at all.
·         Compared to dogs, cats are much more concerned about the cleanliness so they don't need bathing on regular basis unless they have caught fleas or the dirt is stuck into their fur.
·         Despite the fact that cats prefer to get the cleaning done on their own, the owners should contribute by combing them on regular basis, which will help for the dust and hairs removal and make the bond between you and your pet stronger. Moreover, combing your pet can be compared to combing your own scalp – it improves blood circulation.

Author Bio: July Minor loves to write about cleaning, home improvement and animals. She works for a CleanToPerfection deep clean company and has a lot of knowledge how to take care for animals at small places.