Natural Dog Grooming with Home-Made Shampoo

Dogs are probably the most widespread animals we keep as pets and let them be a part of the family. A great number of dog owners admit that they couldn't imagine getting back home and not being welcomed by their lovely fur friend. Taking your dog for a walk in the park or at the beach is the easier and funnier part of having a pet but there are some things you shouldn't overlook. Even if you regard your dog as a member of the family and find yourself being too lenient despite all the troubles they give you, you should keep the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene in order to ensure the healthy environment at home. Cleaning after your pet is also really important and if you don't have time for that  booking a  cleaning package abbey wood is a really good option.

 Opposite to cats, dogs love swimming or bathing and the market is flooded with different brands of shampoos intended to make their fur clean and fluffy. However, the manufacturers apply a little trick. The more effective the dog shampoo is, the smaller the container is. Unfortunately, we can not say the same about the price but the main point was that buying an efficient shampoo may cost you a lot of money every month especially if your pet is not among the calm and quiet representatives of its breed.
If you have become a dog owner relatively recently, you are probably not well aware of all the requirements you have to meet in order to prevent serious diseases and fleas breeding and have a healthy, good looking and happy dog. Let's take a closer look to the home – made shampoos you can prepare on you own, instead of buying expensive ones that won't last long. Here are some proven recipes whose preparation is neither difficult nor time – consuming:
·        From time immemorial the white vinegar has been known for its antibacterial properties. Mixed with 2 cups warm water and a quarter cup of mild dish-washing liquid, it makes the perfect dog shampoo that would make the fur of your dog pleasantly smelling and clean.
·        The baking soda paste is irreplaceable for removing a bad smell from the fur of your dog. You can apply the mixture right before using the home – made shampoo and then perform the regular rinsing that would remove the baking soda particles. Forget about the hair dryer though otherwise you risk damaging your dog's skin and making it too sensitive.
·        Vegetable glycerine is a common ingredient of the commercial shampoos and you can include it in your home – made equivalent too. What you need is two cups of apple cider vinegar and dish washing liquid mixed in four cups of lukewarm water. Add the glycerine and shake until you get a homogeneous mixture.
·        As a caring dog owner you want to make the fur of your pet shiny and healthy – looking. Turn to the help of the rosemary and make a conditioner that you apply after every bath. Put two spoons of rosemary into boiling water and remove from the heat after a few minutes. When the mixture becomes neither too hot nor too cold, you can treat the fur with it.
·        It may come as a surprise but the oatmeals can serve as an excellent exfoliant of the skin of the dog. Depending on the quantity you would like to prepare, take a handful or two of oatmeal and grind it. Mix it with some baking soda and apply to the fur of your pet. Let it stay for a couple of minutes and rinse with warm water.

Dogs are said to be a human best friend and if you take a good care of your animal it will give you back sincere, pure love. Don't forget to pay attention to its health and mood even if you can hardly find an open pocket of time around your busy schedule. Taking a responsibility to look after a pet can have its disadvantages, such as taking a walk in the pouring rain, but the reward is priceless.