Watch your Dog Grin with Good Oral Health!

Smile! Here’s how to take care of the oral health of your dog. As a pet owner, you are obviously worried about any bad odors, rotting of teeth, bleeding gums and other issues linked with your dog’s dental setup. Read on for simple but valuable tips on how to provide your pet with good oral care—the affordable and easy way.

Regular Brushing is a Must

Just like your 4 year old son, brushing twice daily is a must for your dog too. Well, just like humans, pets are also prone to tooth aches, decay and other ailments caused due to improper oral care. While organic toothpaste is highly recommended but then you can go ahead and invest in one that is medicinally prepared or contains your pet’s favorite flavor. It’s best to avoid the toothpaste standing aloft on your wash basin –it contains a strong “minty” taste and has some foaming agents that may be accidentally swallowed by your unassuming dog.

Yes, you need to find a good toothbrush too—one that is specific to the dental condition and age of your beloved friend.

Bones Can Cause Dental Problems –Use Them with Care

If you have to use bones –then remember to use them with care. You may like to invest in hard and large cannon bones that are difficult to swallow. It’s best to avoid cooked bones. Also, make a conscious effort to remove the bones from your dog’s food bowl, once the meaty portions are over. Chewing hard on bones may lead to abrasions in the gums and dental fractures. The other issues worth a mention are obstruction, constipation and gut perforation—they are all linked to accidental swallowing of bone fragments.

Veterinary Oral Health Council Approved Diets

The treats and diets approved and recommended by the Veterinary Oral Health Council go a long way in reducing the formation of plaque and/or tartar. Steer clear of oral and dental care products that are guilty of indulging in marketing gimmicks/ploys and look for products that have proven benefits and have been tested in accordance to strict guidelines.

You may seek the advice of your vet for further information or look into the list of dog dental care products on sale at Pet Project: Nutri-Vet - Tartar Defense Spray , NaturVet - Mini Fast Bath Odor Spray, Greenies® - Mega Treat-Pak, NaturVet - Mini Fast Bath Odor Spray, Nutri-Vet - Dental health tartar defense gel and Greenies® - Senior 27oz…… name a few.

The Last Rinse – Role of a Good Mouthwash

As in humans, a good tooth brushing regime in dogs also ends with a sparkling rinse—that of a specially formulated mouthwash. Available in an exhaustive range of flavors and colors to suit the preference of your discerning pet, these mouth rinses are quite different from those used by you. So, do resist the urge to reach out for your personal mouthwash and invest in one that is sold at your friendly pet store.

Hey, do you see your dog grinning away with good oral health? Take a look!