Cat Allergies: How to Clean and Prevent Mould

As human beings, animals are also often predisposed to certain types of allergies. If you have ever possessed a pet at home you are more than familiar  with the fact that allergies are commonly observed. There are different types of allergies, some of them caused by food and other caused by insects. However, there is onŠµ very typical allergy, that is developed predominantly in cats and this is the inhalant allergy. It can be caused by different allergens in the environment like dust mites and pollens but there is one particular allergen that causes allergies in cats more than usual – mould. 

Even if that may sound weird, some cats are more than sensitive when it comes to mould that has spread in home and that is why you should take serous measures if you want to preserve the health of your lovely animal.
The general symptoms of this type of inhalant allergy are the following:

·        hair loss
·        constant itching around the neck, ear and head
·        rashes around the neck and back

These are some of the most commonly viewed symptoms, however there may be specific ones, typical for every type of cat.
The first thing that, of course, every caring person should do is to consult the veterinarian for the right treatment of the problem. It is not always easy to find out that this is an allergic reaction and that is why the cat should pass all the general examinations. After determining the mould allergy the veterinarian will make the the appropriate prescription that should be helpful for the animal. Despite all of this you need to make sure that you know adequate ways through which you can remove the mould from your home for good.

If you do not consider yourself a fan of all the expensive cleaning products that are offered and that promise to remove effectively the mould, we are introducing you some other ways through which to achieve success in the fight against mould. After all, your primary aim is not to endanger the health of your cute cat. On the other hand the mould can put in danger not only the health of the cat but also this of the other inhabitants as well.
Here are some ways in which to clean your mould in the best way.

 ·        Extract from grapefruit seed

This tends to be one of the best natural ways in which to get rid of the mould. The two things that you need are 20 drops of extract from grapefruit seed need to be mixed altogether with 2 cups of water. After that they should be put in a spray bottle and used on areas covered with mould.

·        Tea tree against mould

The tea tree oil can do miracles against mould, despite the unpleasant smell that it produces when put on the mould. You need 2 teaspoons of tree oil and two cups of water to be sprayed on the mould areas. Wait for a while but in any case do not rinse the treated surface.

Finally we advise you to look for the primary cause for the appearance of the mould – these may be some outside leaks or even some plumbing leaks.

These are some very fresh ideas how to fight against mould in an impeccable way. These are proven methods for cleaning which SparklingCarpets use, through which you can ensure appropriate living ambience for your favourite cat. Pay attention to this problem on time, unless you want to experience hard time, struggling with complications around the condition of the cat. Maintaining clean and cosy home is essential moment not only for the hygiene but also for creating atmosphere for looking after your pets.