Moving the Beloved Honorary Member of Your Family to Hong Kong

We know that the prospect of moving to a new city without your loved pet is a dreary thought and something you just cannot fathom. However, like the problems you face while shifting cities, your pets too will have to make adjustments to these changes. Apart from the hefty cost related issues, there are a variety of factors involved in moving your petsto Hong Kong that you should consider before making the decision.

 Documents, Permits and Other Such Legalities
Like your visa, permit and other documents, you pet too will require certain documents before it is allowed to travel with you. Here is a list of the documents you will need before moving your pets to Hong Kong.

                     Microchip with ID and number
                     Vet health certificate
                     Hong Kong Health Certificate
                     Import Permit
                     Current vaccinations record

The Official License

It is very important that you get a license for your pet especially if it is above 5 months old. This is an extremely easy process and it only requires a total time of about fifteen minutes. You may have to visit the Agriculture & Fisheries Department (AFCD) in Hong Kong to file your paperwork.

The Stress of Quarantine

The country you arrive from determines what the quarantine period would be and if it is even necessary. Pets coming in from countries such as the USA or South Africa do not have to go through with this as long as the permit terms are complied with. However, if pets arriving from your country do require going through this process, keep in mind that it can be a quite stressful and tough on the pet as well as you. In such cases, it is better to look for professional help who have adequate training and expertise to help your pet adjust.

The Actual Process of Traveling From Your Home Country to Hong Kong

The trip to Hong Kong itself may take quite a toll on the pet. If your flight offers kennel services, book it well in advance to avoid any last minute issues. You could also purchase your own kennel according to the provided guidelines and make sure that your pets travel comfortably. Be sure to provide adequate water and food to last them through the journey and any delays you might have to face.

Houses and Apartments

Being such a bustling trade center, apartments in Hong Kong are expensive which means they will probably be smaller than what you had back home. Your pet needs enough room to be physically active. This can be quite a challenge in this city.  Make sure that your building allows dogs and other pets and that the neighbors will not object when you move in with them.

Parks and Public Areas

There are a number of beautiful parks and gardens in this city. However, a large number of these may not allow pets. Public transportation too has its limitations and getting around the city may become an effort with your pet.

All this being said, leaving your pet behind especially alone is not an easy choice to make. If you are going to be staying in Hong Kong for a long time and you do think it is better for your little furry friend to tag along, this is a great city to be in!