Care for your cat like a family member

As a pet, no other animal is as affectionate as the cats are. This quiet, peaceful and entertaining pet is very easy to nurture and keep healthy. Basically, domestic cats are direct descendents of wild cats, and that is why sometimes they show a few wild behaviors; though these are not at all harmful for the owners and the rest of the family.

Cat care
There are a few aspects that need to be looked into while caring for your cat. The owner must know them thoroughly to keep this amazing pet healthy and hygienic. Here are a few of them-
Cats are trainable: 
Cats can be trained, and that is the easiest and most entertaining part of rearing this wonderful animal. Unlike dogs or other pets, cats do not require toilet training in a particular way. Cats naturally learn to use a litter box. This is why, these days, machine washed automatic cat litter box is available on the market. Once, they come to know about its existence in the home, the owner’s job is eased. Apart from these, many other habits like responding to a call, indicating when feeling hungry and playing with toys, etc. can be taught through training. Naturally, cat is an intelligent animal and can adjust to an environment quickly.
Cat Food:
Owners should know what to feed, how to feed and how much to feed. Creating a healthy food habit is the primary factor behind a healthy and long life of a pet cat. Whatever brand of food is given to these pet animals, it should be specifically made for cats. Cats have specific nutritional needs. If you fall short in meeting any of those parameters, health problems may surface at any time.
It’s also found that obesity has become a common symptom in this pet. Due to obesity, many allied health issues such as heart problems, digestive and liver problems and arthritis, etc. occur simultaneously. Thus, cats should be given the right food in the right amount. Now, information is available on the Internet, and even books on pet care are available in stores. If that doesn’t seem logical, owners can visit a vet doctor for proper guidance. The family with whom the cat lives, should try to inculcate good feeding habits in the cat.
Cat Grooming:
Unlike other pets, cats require very little attention from their owners for grooming. It’s a fact that a cat spends one-third of its time in grooming. In spite of that, cats need a little help from the owner to stay perfectly clean and tidy. Grooming is not only making a cat look good, but it also helps the owner to keep close vigilance on its health too. Regular grooming keeps many health issues, especially digestive problems at bay. 
Three aspects in the grooming of a cat are needed. These are
- brushing the fur at least twice daily, 
- bathing with a branded cat shampoo and 
- getting a pedicure whenever needed. 
Though except brushing, the other two grooming aspects are not so essential, the owner can try them at least once a month to make sure that the pet is living in absolute hygiene.
All these three factors of basic cat care help the owners to keep their cat healthy and hearty. Some good habits like using an automatic cat litter box, eating healthy food in the right quantity and maintaining fur, skin and nails neat and clean ultimately keep a cat always energetic, happy and entertaining.

Purchasing Rabbit Hutches Online

You’re ready to buy a rabbit hutch. A good place to start looking is, of course, online. Any search engine will bring up page after page of sites that sell pre-fab rabbit hutches. There are countless photos of rabbit hutches and a wide range of prices, from $40. US to over $300. US. You need to consider what your usage of the hutch is going to be.

Your requirements are largely based on the locality in which you live. If you are in an urban area, there’s not much danger from wild predators but you do have to watch out for unattended dogs. There is always the presence of rats to consider. You must keep your rabbit’s cage clean and the area around it clean as well. A slide out tray is a necessity to catch waste and uneaten food. It must be emptied regularly. You need the hutch to be well ventilated, have a slant roof for rain run-off and be protective in inclement weather. In a suburban area, your needs change. You must be aware that there is the occasional danger from raccoon and coyotes. You need to decide where to put your hutch, preferably in partial to full shade. Will the hutch be raised off the ground or will it sit on the ground? If sitting on the ground, do you need an attached floor on your rabbit hutch? Some rabbits can dig a hole and be out of their hutch in 30 seconds. If you have a digger, you need an attached floor. If you see no danger of that, be sure to lay a thick layer of hay on the ground, as some dirt and many grasses are harmful to rabbits. In a rural area, there is a strong likelihood of the presence of wild predators. A hutch in this environment must be lifted up to 4 feet off the ground, the doors should be tight fitting and the hinges and locks should close flush to the exterior of the structure. In any of these scenarios, you should remember that a rabbit hutch should not be used as the primary habitat for your rabbit. If you have bought him for a pet, he needs to be with you and socialized and happy. It is not recommended to leave a rabbit in an outdoor hutch for long periods of time and never overnight.
You have choices in the materials used in the construction of your rabbit hutch. Many hutches are made of untreated pine lumber and galvanized steel mesh. Untreated pine lumber can be colored with safe vegetable dyes and stains. There are other woods that are safe if they are chewed on by your rabbit. One example is maple. It is sturdier and longer lasting than pine and resists mold. Another option is a molded compound material of recycled polymer plastic and wood by-products. The advantage to this is that it is moisture resistant, does not crack or warp and is “eco-friendly”. As with wood, this material is not chew proof and it is also hazardous if ingested. The wire mesh used on the hutch should be galvanized steel, which does not rust. With spacing of ½ in x ½ in. or maximally 1 in by ½ in on sides and top and ½ x ½ in on the bottom, preferably 14 gauge.
Styles range from basic, functional hutches to quaintly decorated, multi-story “houses” with shuttered windows and picket fences. Many have attached rabbit runs. In considering your purchase, you should keep in mind that a rabbit requires plenty of room to hop around and thump and proper height for him to stand on his hind legs. A rabbit run is a good way for your rabbit to get vigorous exercise and “bink”. Some hutches are marketed as multi-functional housing for many different kinds of small mammals and fowl. Consider the size of your rabbit and if this kind of hutch is appropriate for him. Be sure that ramps are wide and sturdy enough for him and that there is plenty of room and ventilation.

While in his hutch, a rabbit is getting a nice change of scenery and fresh air. But he still requires stimuli to keep him engaged and happy. Provide toys and occasional treats to keep him busy. His hutch should be a place he likes to go, not a cage.
Features to look for are slide out trays, built-in holders for food and water crocks, a slant roof for rain water run-off, areas for resting, eating and a place to “go”. If you have a rabbit that is litter box trained, you want him to keep that behavior up. Buy a hutch that has room for a litter box. There should be room for the placement of a plywood board or sturdy piece of cardboard for scratching, thumping and comfort. Short haired rabbits and the giant breeds suffer from sore hocks when left solely on wire mesh.
Searching for the right rabbit hutch for your rabbit can be fun and educational. There is always something new to learn about habitats, breeds, proper diet and socialization. Even tricks that you can teach your rabbit.
If you are purchasing a rabbit hutch online and intend to assemble it yourself, prepare for pages of instruction and quite a bit of manual labor. If you are DIY challenged, you might want to consider hiring a handy man to construct your rabbit hutch for you. You want it to be sturdily put together, properly placed and completely sound for your rabbit. If built in such a way, a good rabbit hutch can last for many years.

Your local feed store can be a great source for advice on rabbit care and feeding, housing requirements and an economical place to buy hay, rabbit pellets and any supplies you need to keep your rabbit comfortable and thriving. Stop buy and speak to your feed store clerk about other rabbit owners that they know in your area with similar needs in the purchase of rabbit hutches.

Finding Dogs for Sale in a Tricky Way

Dogs are wonderful pets to add to your family, but remember, they will be just that, family. Don’t set out to purchase a  pet dog unless you are ready to commit the next several years of your life to its care. Before you start researching where to buy a dog, make sure you decide what type of dog is right for you and your family.

Finding a dog for sale is usually easy. You can look in newspapers, magazines and online for advertisements. You can also search for breeders who specialize in the type of dog you want. This is especially important if you want a purebred dog. Reputable breeders often have detailed websites and are willing to answer questions about the breed they raise. Stay away from shady breeders who might just be puppy mills and might not care about the welfare of their dogs.

If you are looking for purebred dogs for showing, or other specialized activities, you can contact the breed club of the breed you are interested in. They may have a list of breeders that they recommend. They may also have a list of breeders to avoid, as breed clubs sometimes keep lists of complaints they have received from buyers.

When you locate a list of advertisements, receive a list of breeders from a breed club, or compile you own list from your own searching, you can start contacting each breeder to ask questions about their dogs. Find out if you will be able to view one or more parents when you come to see the dogs. Sometimes, only the mother will be available, because the father was owned by someone else and doesn’t live at that location. If the breeder refuses to allow you to see the mother, be suspicious. Most breeders truly love their dogs and are happy to show them off. If they are hiding the parents, they are probably not reputable.

View the puppies, and observe how they interact with people and the other pups in the litter. Depending on your needs, you will probably want to pick a puppy who is outgoing, but not aggressive. A very shy puppy could be hard to manage later in life. In the case of purebred puppies, be sure to ask to see copies of the registration papers. You’ll also want to see any papers from a vet stating what treatments the pups have had. Some breeders arrange to have their puppies dewormed and started on a series of vaccinations before they go to their new homes.

In the case of purchasing an adult dog, you will be most interested in any past history the current owner can offer you. In some cases, this is not much, but you’ll want to know how the dog behaves around other people, other animals, and how well it is obedience trained to know if it will be a good fit for you.

Taking time to research local dogs for sale will go a long way in making sure you have a pet you can love for a lifetime.