Finding Dogs for Sale in a Tricky Way

Dogs are wonderful pets to add to your family, but remember, they will be just that, family. Don’t set out to purchase a  pet dog unless you are ready to commit the next several years of your life to its care. Before you start researching where to buy a dog, make sure you decide what type of dog is right for you and your family.

Finding a dog for sale is usually easy. You can look in newspapers, magazines and online for advertisements. You can also search for breeders who specialize in the type of dog you want. This is especially important if you want a purebred dog. Reputable breeders often have detailed websites and are willing to answer questions about the breed they raise. Stay away from shady breeders who might just be puppy mills and might not care about the welfare of their dogs.

If you are looking for purebred dogs for showing, or other specialized activities, you can contact the breed club of the breed you are interested in. They may have a list of breeders that they recommend. They may also have a list of breeders to avoid, as breed clubs sometimes keep lists of complaints they have received from buyers.

When you locate a list of advertisements, receive a list of breeders from a breed club, or compile you own list from your own searching, you can start contacting each breeder to ask questions about their dogs. Find out if you will be able to view one or more parents when you come to see the dogs. Sometimes, only the mother will be available, because the father was owned by someone else and doesn’t live at that location. If the breeder refuses to allow you to see the mother, be suspicious. Most breeders truly love their dogs and are happy to show them off. If they are hiding the parents, they are probably not reputable.

View the puppies, and observe how they interact with people and the other pups in the litter. Depending on your needs, you will probably want to pick a puppy who is outgoing, but not aggressive. A very shy puppy could be hard to manage later in life. In the case of purebred puppies, be sure to ask to see copies of the registration papers. You’ll also want to see any papers from a vet stating what treatments the pups have had. Some breeders arrange to have their puppies dewormed and started on a series of vaccinations before they go to their new homes.

In the case of purchasing an adult dog, you will be most interested in any past history the current owner can offer you. In some cases, this is not much, but you’ll want to know how the dog behaves around other people, other animals, and how well it is obedience trained to know if it will be a good fit for you.

Taking time to research local dogs for sale will go a long way in making sure you have a pet you can love for a lifetime.