Care for your cat like a family member

As a pet, no other animal is as affectionate as the cats are. This quiet, peaceful and entertaining pet is very easy to nurture and keep healthy. Basically, domestic cats are direct descendents of wild cats, and that is why sometimes they show a few wild behaviors; though these are not at all harmful for the owners and the rest of the family.

Cat care
There are a few aspects that need to be looked into while caring for your cat. The owner must know them thoroughly to keep this amazing pet healthy and hygienic. Here are a few of them-
Cats are trainable: 
Cats can be trained, and that is the easiest and most entertaining part of rearing this wonderful animal. Unlike dogs or other pets, cats do not require toilet training in a particular way. Cats naturally learn to use a litter box. This is why, these days, machine washed automatic cat litter box is available on the market. Once, they come to know about its existence in the home, the owner’s job is eased. Apart from these, many other habits like responding to a call, indicating when feeling hungry and playing with toys, etc. can be taught through training. Naturally, cat is an intelligent animal and can adjust to an environment quickly.
Cat Food:
Owners should know what to feed, how to feed and how much to feed. Creating a healthy food habit is the primary factor behind a healthy and long life of a pet cat. Whatever brand of food is given to these pet animals, it should be specifically made for cats. Cats have specific nutritional needs. If you fall short in meeting any of those parameters, health problems may surface at any time.
It’s also found that obesity has become a common symptom in this pet. Due to obesity, many allied health issues such as heart problems, digestive and liver problems and arthritis, etc. occur simultaneously. Thus, cats should be given the right food in the right amount. Now, information is available on the Internet, and even books on pet care are available in stores. If that doesn’t seem logical, owners can visit a vet doctor for proper guidance. The family with whom the cat lives, should try to inculcate good feeding habits in the cat.
Cat Grooming:
Unlike other pets, cats require very little attention from their owners for grooming. It’s a fact that a cat spends one-third of its time in grooming. In spite of that, cats need a little help from the owner to stay perfectly clean and tidy. Grooming is not only making a cat look good, but it also helps the owner to keep close vigilance on its health too. Regular grooming keeps many health issues, especially digestive problems at bay. 
Three aspects in the grooming of a cat are needed. These are
- brushing the fur at least twice daily, 
- bathing with a branded cat shampoo and 
- getting a pedicure whenever needed. 
Though except brushing, the other two grooming aspects are not so essential, the owner can try them at least once a month to make sure that the pet is living in absolute hygiene.
All these three factors of basic cat care help the owners to keep their cat healthy and hearty. Some good habits like using an automatic cat litter box, eating healthy food in the right quantity and maintaining fur, skin and nails neat and clean ultimately keep a cat always energetic, happy and entertaining.