HostGator Earthday 60% Discount Huge Sale

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 I am really excited to create this content today
cause On 22nd April, Friday (which is tomorrow) from 12:00 am CST HostGator is giving a 60% discount for Earthday Sale. The coupon code is Earthday16. If you are in India, the time is 11:30 am in the morning of 22nd April and will stay till 23 April 11:29 am. The offer is valid for 24 hours.

You can get more information about the sale here in this content 

HostGator Earthday Sale 60% Discount on All New Hosting

Get the deal here!!

I personally use hostgator web hosting for my web blog techntechie for the last 4 years. Their after sales service and
customer support is awesome. Downtime of the server is really low and the speed to lod is awesome! This is my personal experience.

60% discount for all new hosting is a huge sale for the new bloggers. Well, I have already calculated the
amount. The price without discount for a one hatchling plan is around 107.40 dollar but with
discount the price is only 42 dollars. Save 65 dollars for one year.

Utilize this amount for other purpose. This is a huge sale....

Just click the link on the video or in the video description , use the coupon code Earthday16
and enjoy 60% discount on all new hosting plan on hostgator.

Thank You for reading this article of best WordPress hosting for beginners.

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