Building a Modern Dog House

Summertime is a fantastic time to start the project, if you are like the dozens of men and women who've been procrastinating about building a modern dog house for your dog.  All dogs need a good shelter from the summer and heat thunderstorms, and a modern dog house is ideal for this reason, among many others. 

If you don't have a clue of how to build a doghouse, don't worry - even as an amateur you’ll have a better idea of how to start after reading this article.

Finding Instructions

The first thing to do is check your local area if you are a beginner.  Several big box home improvement stores, such as Lowe's and Home Depot, offer guides (both in print and online) that you can follow step by step.  Lowe offers onsite help and that includes building a doghouse.  Not to mention that you could save money by buying the building supplies at Lowe's.  Some parts can be obtained at the local junkyard at no cost.  So, here we go!  Stop procrastinating, and follow this guide.  Remember to make use of your resources that are regional and receive a simple doghouse blueprint to follow.

Size of the Dog House

You may be surprised how many folks forget prior to building a doghouse to measure the size of their dog.  So that you will know what size of modern doghouse to construct this is important.   This way the doghouse isn't going to be too large or too small.  If you're building a modern doghouse for a young dog, don't forget to make the house large enough to compensate for the dog's growth.

Dog House Roof

Next, you will need to make certain that the roof of the doghouse is not sloped.   It would probably be best since most dogs will want to lay to soak up some sun, to have a flat roof.  Do not construct any kind of metal or the roof with aluminum, since they easily burn a dog who wants to put on the roof and can heat up very quickly.

Type of Dog

Remember to insulate your dog house based on what kind of dog you have.  If the dog has a great deal like German Shepard or an Alaskan Husky , then the dog house won't need as much insulation.  Then the home will obviously need more insulation if the dog is short haired like a greyhound or a chihuahua.

Air ventilation

Be sure  that air can circulate through the house and that the doghouse is well-ventilated.  Utilizing construction materials will assist the doghouse be ventilated.   To save money, scrap wood can be found by you at a junk yard and a lumber yard.  As this helps tremendously with ventilation make sure the door will always be open, and the addition of a window will help even more.   The dog won't be cramped and a doghouse that is large enough for your dog will assist with ventilation.

Durability of the Dog House

Next, make sure the modern doghouse is tough, durable, and very sturdy.  It has to be durable enough to survive and to keep your dog protected from bad weather.  It also has to be sturdy enough to withstand regular wear and tear out of the dog.  When you assemble the modern doghouse, make sure the floor of the doghouse is constructed a few inches off of the floor.  This is significant because, when it rains, any water will be able not get inside and to flow under the doghouse and flooding the doghouse.  The floor itself also has to be sturdy and very durable.

Placement of the Dog House

Make sure the modern doghouse isn't right out in the open where the summer sun can beat down on it and heat up the little abode.  It is ideal to have a doghouse positioned below a tree shrubbery, porch overhang, or some kind of shade.  Having the modern dog house set in the shade will create relaxing a lot more comfortable for your dog and lessen the possibility of your dog overheating.

Be certain to keep it as straightforward as possible.   If you decide to go ahead and put extras in the modern doghouse, then be sure that they are durable and not easily destroyed that any extras can withstand rain, wind and snow, and the dog decides to chew on them.

In conclusion, building a modern doghouse doesn't need to be overly complicated - actually, it can be simple.  Remember to keep things simple.  Use an contemporary doghouse blueprint or tutorial.  Make sure that you plan and prepare so that you know what to buy and have all the supplies ready.  

You don't need to go all out for building materials.  A lot of the materials could be gotten from supply at a lumberyard from a reduction home improvement store like Lowe's, and even from a junkyard.  Using materials will help you save money.  Building a modern doghouse can be equally wallet-friendly and fun! 

While this may seem like a lot of work, it will be worth it: your modern pet will be sure to appreciate having a modern place to call home.