10 Best Budget Hair Straighteners in India

Straight hairs without a frizz are a dream of many girls. But with so many options and latest technological features available in the market, it sometimes becomes a daunting task to pick the best and affordable hair straightener for your hair. 
Below we are listing some of the best budget hair straighteners in India:

1. Panasonic (EH-HW17) Hair Straightener (Rs. 1695)

This is a perfect hair straightener to fit your budget. The company has not resorted to the use of hair-damaging plates to keep this straightener in the low budget segment. This straightener has a standard ceramic plate to protect the hair from damage. This straightener can also be used to get the wavy curls instantly as it comes with an attachment for curls also. The heating speed of this straightener is quite high, and it takes only 30 seconds to heat up.

2. Philips HP8315 (Rs. 1995)

This straightener is a wider variant of the Philips Straightener model no. HP8310. To remove the frizzes, this straightener uses the ion technology. It is very sleek in design. This machine takes only 60 seconds to heat up. It leaves your hair silky and smooth after every use. If you love to style your hairs frequently, we suggest you go for this one, as it takes very less time and gives quick results.

3. Inalsa Hair Straightener (Rs. 1695)

This is a trendy hair straightener with ceramic plates and a rotating cord with the capacity of rotating 360 degrees. The major benefit of its rotation power is that it prevents tangling of the hairs. The body of this straightener is full shock-proof and offers very comfortable grip.

4. Remington Ceramic Straight 230 – Model S1005 (Rs. 2499)

This Straightener comes with amazing heat settings, and its temperature can be adjusted anywhere in between 150 to 230 degree Celsius. The heat up time is 30 seconds. It has plate lochs, Swivel Cord and Ceramic Teflon Coating. The cord is also 360 degrees rotating to protect the hairs from tangling. For average hairs, it takes only 12 minutes to make them pin-point straight. After using this straightener, you will get highly lustrous and straight hairs.

5. Panasonic Compact Straightener (Multi-Styling 2-in-1) – (Rs. 1795)

The unique feature of this Straightener is its packing style. This machine comes with a protective cap for the plates of the straightener. Not only it saves the plate from damage, but it also makes the storage of the machine very convenient. The ceramic coated plated easily glides in your hair and gives perfect shine. It requires a standard voltage of 20-240 V and a very low power of 20 W to work. The cord is about 1.7m long, which provides easier handling and de-tangling.

6. IKONIC hair Straightener (Mini) - (Rs. 1500)

The appearance of this machine is quite attractive. The beautiful black and red combination is a feast for the eyes. It is ultra-portable, so you can easily take it with you while traveling. If your hairs are lifeless and you want to add shine to them, use this straightener. The ceramic plates straighten the hair well and add shine. The cord is about 6.5 ft long, but it cannot be rotated.

7. Vega VHSH – 01 Hair Straightener (Rs. 1399)

The look of this straightener is very attractive and is a perfect pick for all the girls. The straightener’s color is pink, and it is very compact and lightweight to carry in the bag. It takes only 25W power and has an LED indicator light. It comes equipped with a dual voltage technology and a swivel cord with 360-degree rotation support. You can style your hairs in 4 different types with the help of this straightener.

8. WAHL 5001 (Rs. 1195)

Wahl is not a new name in the beauty products manufacturing industry. Wahl has created this straightener which is very light in weight and is easy to carry. On its plate, you will find a ceramic tourmaline coating. These plates are highly efficient and are best for providing the extra shine needed. It tames the frizzy hairs like no other. The heating time is 30 seconds only, and it uses only 20 W of power. So it is very economical and quick to use.

9. Remington Pearl Hair Straightener (Rs. 1299)

The Remington T Studio Pearl Ceramic Straightener is a 2” straightener which comes with real crushed pearls. It combines the high technology with the perfect ceramic coating to give salon like results. It comes with digital control of the temperature and can heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The plates with pearl ceramic, Teflon coating glide easily and are damage-free. For even the thickest of hairs, its 2” floating plates are enough to work. It takes only 15 seconds to heat up. It comes packed with a four-year warranty.  

10. Babybliss Hair Straightener - ST87E (Rs. 4000)

The performance of this straightener is superb as it uses Titanium Ceramic plates. These plates heat up quickly and evenly. The plates are equally good for providing it a smooth gliding capability. It glides easily on your hairs and results in silky and healthy tresses. The most amazing feature of this machine is that it gets heated up to 230 degree Celsius in about 5 seconds.

We have prepared this list of budget hair straighteners available in India with the best of our knowledge. You can use any of these above-listed straighteners to get those frizz free, gorgeous looking straight hair.   These straighteners are just perfect to help you stay beautiful and frizz free forever.