Dealing with Common Dog Behaviour

All dogs exhibit general canine behaviours patterns. Some dogs exhibit breed-specific behaviours such as extraordinary tracking ability, a heightened sense of territorial, a desire to run or uncanny ability to round of livestock so you find dogs are designed to hunt, chase, kill and eat.

Dogs will be dogs and as much as, the jobs done by dogs have largely disappeared. Have been replaced by careers as pets or participants in a variety of sport or service jobs but canine predatory instincts are alive and well. If you are looking for help treating your dog’s behaviour issue or just curious about why your dog does what he does. Getting and caring for a dog is a big responsibility which is can be a very positive life changing thing but it will have its downsides. This article will help you prepare to care for your dog and see if getting any dog breed is right for you and your lifestyle. 

Development of behaviour varies in individual dogs as well as between breeds. Dogs with a high degree of predatory behaviour are a challenge to train, especially if the family includes small children or other pets. Some behaviour patterns to look out for include: 
- Aggression
- Food guarding
- Barking
- Separation anxiety
- Whining
- Howling
- Biting and Nipping

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