What is a Dog Automatic Feeder and does it Work?

Technology and automation is creeping up more and more in almost every aspect of our lives and the animal industry is no different.
One of the most useful recent advancements in technology aimed at our pets is the programmable, automatic dog feeder.

These devices are not meant to completely replace your care and attention with regards to feeding your dog. They must give a helpful hand to ensure your dog's needs are taken care of if you find yourself out of the house for a full day, or prefer a longer 'hands off' approach to regular stiff feeding times.
Automatic pet feeders are sleek, modern pieces of equipment that do not look like it's in the house and are available in a wide variety of colours and styles, with many practical features for portion control and timing looking.
What is a dog automatic feeder?
Automatic dog feeders are exactly what they look like - pet food dispensers that automatically pour food either through electronic pre-programming or by gravity.
They usually consist of two parts: a glass or air-tight plastic hopper that contains food before it is released, and a plastic, ceramic bowl or stainless steel food that is distributed in and that your dog eat on.
Why use a dog automatic feeder? When are they useful?
Wopet automatic dog feeders will be an incredibly useful addition to anyone unable to commit to regular dog feeds - who could be elderly or disabled, or even just people working away from home, those on a change basis of speed or those who take a short break away from their home without their dog.
They are also a great tool for homeowners looking to control their dog's weight and how much their dog is eating. Electronic dog feeders will allow portion size and scheduled feedings to pre-program you so that your dog will reap the health benefits of eating small, but regular meals.