Reasons Why Having a Pet Helps the Rehabilitation Process

The rehabilitation process can be a long and tedious journey that can be overcome only with the right support. Often these support can not only come in the form of people, they can also come as pets! Did you know that having a pet can help you recover quickly, and even in a healthier way? According to a recent study, pets can help people with issues such as:

       Anxiety - people with anxiety were reported to experience comfort when presented with pets. They reported lesser instances of panic attacks and physical manifestations of anxiety in their day-to-day lives.

       Developmental Disabilities - people with developmental disabilities such as Autism have difficulties in communication. The non-verbal comfort that pets bring help individuals with Autism feel at ease.

       Physical Disabilities - people with physical disabilities may find themselves unable to do certain tasks independently. Having a pet can help guide them through walking, assist them in daily chores, and be a loyal companion to them.

       Mental and Emotional Issues - it seems like pets can understand the feelings that people go through even without saying a word. It is also reported from a recent study that pets can help people recover from mental and emotional instability.

       Substance Abuse - people who have gone through a phase of addiction may experience physical and emotional symptoms of withdrawal. The presence of a pet serves as a healthy distraction to kick the bad habits out of the way.

The companionship they bring and the comfort they provide in one's presence can contribute to the healing process of a person recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. How does a pet help in the rehabilitation process? Let's find out the ways a furry friend can accompany you in your battle against substance abuse.

How can pets help you in your recovery process?

Pets are great stress-relievers.

Pets are known to make funny antics even if they don't actually mean it. There are luxury rehab facilities that even offer pet therapy services. Pets can brighten someone's day without even trying, which results to a reduction of stress levels to any owner. Often, people who are undergoing the rehabilitation process may experience some stress trying to keep away from bad habits. The stress relief that a pet can bring may serve as a great way to alleviate the burden felt by their owners.

Pets can help you socialize.

Nothing comes close to a good topic such as talking about pets. We often chuckle at the thought of funny stories of other's pets, and it is often the center of the conversation. People feel light-hearted when they talk about their furry (or non-furry) friends, because of their unique characteristics. As a pet owner, you can finally join this conversation and also meet others who can enjoy your stories about your pet.

Pets will get your physically fit.

Although not applicable to other pets, most furry friends will eventually force you to go outdoors. This is especially true for dogs. Dogs are known to be awesome walkers--they love walking outside and exploring the great nature. This, in turn, will force you to go on walking trips with your pet, making it a great opportunity to be physically active. Not only will you be able to de-stress with nature, you'll also enjoy the company of your pet while keeping your body healthy.

Pets can make you feel responsible.

A lot of people say that having a pet is similar to having another "baby" in the household. This is because having one entails a lot of responsibilities--you are tasked to give them food, shelter, and provide them with the right veterinarian checkups in case the need arises. You may be wondering--"how can this extra responsibility help me?" By having a pet rely on you, the less you are likely to go astray and spend your resources on a bad habit.

Pets will bring you joy.

Having a pet is like starting a new relationship. It is a new connection that can be made, without any judgements--a pet won't judge you because of who you have been. They are only concerned with who you are as an owner, and they are always willing to forgive. Their innocence, candor, and unintended humor can bring joy to any owner who wishes to be successful in the rehabilitation process.

Although pets can be helpful, it is also important to know that with the decision to have a pet comes a great responsibility. As you consider this option, do proper research on what kind of pet is best for your lifestyle. Also think about your home and how they will be able to be a part of it. Having a pet isn't just for yourself--it is a mutual benefit that involves you and your new friend.