How to Make Your Dog Comfortable In a New Bed

Even when you think it’s a no-brainer, introducing your dog to a new bed isn’t that easy.

Don’t expect your pooch to immediately curl up comfortably in it since he may not get the idea right away. Even if you spent hours finding the perfect bed for your furry pal, he may still choose to lay on his old bed or the convenient floor instead.

Part of the reason why your dog doesn’t seem comfortable with his new bed is that it is something foreign and isn’t part of his “territory.” Moreover, the new bed doesn’t have the smell of your dog or his “pack” (you and everyone else in your household) which makes him unable to trust it yet.

Fortunately, with patience and a little effort, you can get your dog to enjoy his new bed in no time:

1. Make the bed smell like home

You can make the new bed seem more familiar and feel like home by attaching your scent to it. This way, your dog will start getting comfortable with it, and hopefully, lay on it as well.

In order to do this, consider following these steps:

       Get rid of the old bed to give your dog a clean break.
       Add your scent onto the bed by rubbing your hands all over it or laying one of your old shirts to draw your dog in.
       Let each of your family members do the same thing so that the bed will smell like everyone in your dog’s pack.
       If the scent isn’t enough to convince him, use one of your dog’s blankets to cover the bed.
       Be patient as it can take time for your pooch to adjust and want to stay in his new bed.
       Don’t forget to give a reward every time your dog lies down on his new bed.

2. Choose a comfortable location

A dog will usually look for a dry, warm, and safe place to sleep. In this case, you have to make sure that the location of his new bed is in a quiet part of your home. If you’re introducing a bed for the first time, check where your dog usually curls up to sleep.

Most canines have a favourite spot to sleep. As long as the spot your dog chooses is feasible, you can place his new bed there. A dog is an animal of habit which makes the process of making him comfortable with his new bed easier.

3. Create a happy place

Making a happy place for your pooch is essential in helping him warm up to his new bed.

Positive things can encourage your dog to try something new. To get your furry pal get used to his new bed, create a positive atmosphere by using the following:

       Familiar toys and blankets
       Coaxing and encouragement
       Peace and quiet

4. Remove unfamiliar features

Sometimes, a dog can be wary of a new bed’s design and texture.

If your dog isn’t comfortable with a raised bed, try taking the legs off. Once you see that your pooch has begun to relax in it, gradually put the legs back on.

5. Get the old bed scent

It may be hard for your pooch to let go of his old bed. If this is the case, before you get rid of the old bed, do the following:

       Cover the old bed with a sheet.
       Leave the sheet for a few days on the old bed so that it can absorb a good amount of scents.
       Remove the sheet from the old bed and use it to cover the new one.

The sheet will still smell like the old one which will help disguise the new bed.

Once your dog has accepted his new bed, you may then get rid of the old bed. After quite some time, you can slowly remove the sheet and, by then, your dog won’t have any problem sleeping in his new bed.

Patience always pays off  

It may take a while for your dog to get used to his new bed.

Don’t rush things and reprimand your dog for not sleeping in his new bed as this will only pressure your pet so that he may end up disliking it further.

What’s important is that you remain patient, follow the above advice, and wait for your pooch to adjust on his own.

Andrew Kevan has been the Account Manager at Sandleford Holdings since 2016. He studied at Monash University and completed his Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Zoology. Andrew is the owner of a beautiful Rottweiler named Lady who is constantly spoiled and loves her Fido & Fletch Large Pet Home.