How to Identify Pug Original Breed?

Pugs look cute and adorable! Are you an animal lover and want to bring home a pug? If yes, then it is essential that you learn to recognise the original pug breed. Many pet lovers often in the excitement of bringing home their favourite pug overlook the features that define the original pug breed and you can easily understand pure breed pug.

Discussed below are some of the features of the original pug breed:

· Appearance – Typically, the pug’s shape is square. You can measure the height from ground to the shoulders. You will find that the measurement is somewhat similar to the length right from the rear to the chest front.

· Face and head – The original pug breed's head is round from side. It's square when you look at the pug from the front. The downward section of his black velvet ears will always fall to the level of the eye. The expression of the eyes is mostly soft, and the eyes are round, dark and big. Pugs usually look animated and excited.

Furthermore, the muzzle or the snout of the pug is broad. When the mouth gets closed, the tongue or teeth shouldn’t be seen. Also, the Pug’s face wrinkles need to fold back to his nose and also add the required character to his overall face.

· Chest, neck and top line - The pug need to have a thick and robust neck to provide support to its huge round head. Are you wondering what a top-line is?  It gets best defined as an imaginary line right from atop the Pug's shoulder going to where the tail starts. It needs to be at a level and very straight and shouldn't dip in the middle. The pug needs to have a full and broad chest as well.

· Coat – It is essential for the pug coat to be glossy, fine, short and smooth. The black and fawn pugs have a similar coat.

These are the major features that you need to be aware of to identify an original pug breed! Refer to these traits when you decide to bring home your pug.